Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Isn't it crazy how when you first start something your intention is put your whole self into it and go gung ho? That was my plan when I started this blog. But alas....life gets busy and ideas fall behind and we end up exactly where we are right now, in this moment. I am so happy today. Even though I woke up before the sun and had to head out to class and even though I can't sleep worth a damn anymore and I have to pee all the time. My life is wonderful. Everything falls into place and in this instance the fall was perfect. I love my husband, I love my daughter, I love my unborn child and in general I am loving my life. There isnt much more to it than that.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

~A grain of sand and a wrinkle in time~

So here I sit, listening to Aubrie click a crayon on her pink tabletop and vaguely aware of Jeff talking to his mom on the telephone. Suddenly I have realized that the world is zooming past me and days are begining blur into one another. Where does time go when it is gone? It seems like it just turns into memories that you swear you will never forget only to turn around and wonder what the memory was in the first place. I want to remember every minute of my life. I dont want to forget how Aubrie looks when she talks on the phone or the sound of her voice when she asks "mommy please hold me." I was talking to my mom and my sister last night and my sister was worrying about spending six years of her life in school. It was my mother who made me remember that days in our life are like sand on the beach, there are so many grains and when it comes down to it, it is only the most colorful and most beautiful grains that you pick up and put in your pocket. Six years is a flash in a lifetime that may last ninety. I am going to make every day a day worth remembering and leave my impression on this wrinkle in time.