Saturday, March 19, 2011

and then it was March

So I am not sure where the time went. Or even where my desire to write went. I find that I often get writers block. I don't know how to unscramble the thoughts in my head into cohesive sentences. I have too many issues to work through. I don't know what topic to write about first. My not so great, life altering childhood that still lingers in my everyday now. My amazing eternal family. My spiritual journey. My life as a mother, wife and do-it-all wonder woman. Should I go humorous or serious. Really writing in a blog is rather overwhelming to me! I started this blog to work through some of the issues my childhood brought into my current everyday life but I am realizing that though those issues are still relevant, I can make the choice to not allow those things to control who I am. I can take control! Yay me! So here is my goal! Blog EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 30 days! Think I can do it? haha. I am doubtful but doubt is good because then I can't let myself down when I fail. And as for what I will write, well I will leave that to whatever is on my mind that evening. Right now, I am thinking about this move. It is going to be so hard to go from my oversized country house so an undersized apartment haha. But I am really anxious to start saving and paying off debt and getting out of the hole a bad credit score can put you in. Anyhoot ... until tomorrow :)

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Amy said...

I think you can absolutely make that goal!! I can come by and comment every day to remind you to blog if you want :)