Monday, October 13, 2008

Honesty and Pink Roses

He bought me a pink rose last night. Solitary, beautiful, petals healthy without a single brown leaf to ruin it all. How thoughtful I should have said. Even a thank you so much for being caring. Instead I smile and chuckle and tell him how silly he is. In my mind I can twist such a thoughtful gesture into a conniving one. Running through my head, instead of gratitude, is what are his alterior motives. What does he want from this gesture. Really, a rose, I knew you were up to something when you called and mentioned a budget. Am i really that full of issues that I cant look at it and just be in love. That I cant see a simple gesture as wonderful and thoughtful and caring, leave it at that. I worry about my paranoia. Is it normal? Or another product of being a victim. Life is too complicated. Sometimes the truth is as simple as the honesty in a pink rose.

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