Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swimming in the mundane

Someone told me today that when reading my blogs it sounds like i am sad or unhappy. I feel the need to clarify. I am happy with my life. My child and husband make me very happy and I am overjoyed to be in Iowa near my sisters who I missed dearly when I was gone. I think the mind is a very complex thing as I am sure most anyone will agree. There are chambers for everything and memories sit still waiting to be unlocked before being tucked right back away. I feel like I am definately more complex than some people. My mind is constantly reeling with some thought or another, busy, never holding still. Chasing thoughts or ideas or dreams or scenarios. My blog is to help me sort these things out so that maybe my mind will slow down. I also created my blog to improve my writing. A professor told me rcently that I write beautifully and should continue writing. I think I have potential but I have yet to write beautifully. My blog will give me the practice I need. So if you read it and think I sound assured that I am not. I am just another complex individual swimming in mundane thoughts trying to find the surface.

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