Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I should write. I should tell stories with my words and make people laugh and cry and everything in between. I need to make a journal jar to give me ideas. I never know what to write about. Not to mention that lately I just feel high strung and hopeless. My children. I adore them. Really I do. But this phase needs to end and fast. Payton has turned into a climber. Everything turns into her jungle gym. Today it was the coffee table, and the bunk bed, and the rocking chair. And Aubrie's AtTiTuDe needs some serious adjustment. Life needs a remote control.

On another note, why do I always help others so quickly and so willingly but feel so insanely guilty when I need to ask for help myself? My husband rolls his eyes at me. I am going to make Tuesday's "Goal Tuesday's." Todays goal is to clean the house...and keep it clean. All week.

P.s. I think about you often. How could I forget? A flash of your smile will run through my mind. Your laughter. I dance to a simple song and think, I should pick up the phone. Where are you? Do you miss me? Do you think about me?

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